In doing so, naltrexone also blocks the receptors that chemicals in the brain and adrenal glands produce beta-endorphins and met-enkephalins.

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as the blockade of exogenous opioids provided by naltrexone hydrochloride wanes and eventually dissipates completely, patients who have been treated with naltrexone hydrochloride may respond to lower doses of opioids than previously used, just as they would shortly after completing detoxification.

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also, people who are dependent on opioid drugs, like heroin or morphine must stop their drug use at least 7 days prior to starting naltrexone.

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naltrexone may cause opiate withdrawal symptoms in people whose bodies are not free from opiates.

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nida with the development of naltrexone.

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because of this, naltrexone is sometimes given to patients who must take opioid pain relievers on a regular basis because of severe or chronic pain.


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