Randomized prospective study comparing erythromycin, amoxicillin and clindamycin for the treatment of chlamydia trachomatis in pregnancy.

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wynn rl, current concepts of the erythromycins, gen dent , 1991, 39 6 408,10-1.

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b263 reported to be physically incompatible with amikacin sulphate, chlorpromazine hydrochloride, dopamine hydrochloride, erythromycin lactobionate, gentamicin hydrochloride, hydralazine hydrochloride, hydrocorticone sodium succinate, kanamycin sulphate, lincomycin hydrochloride, oxytetracycline hydrochloride, polymixin b sulphate, prochlorperazine edisylate, sodium bicarbonate, tetracycline hydrochloride.

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the drugs described here include erythromycins erythrocin, ery-c, e-mycin, and other brands and such medicines that are chemically related to erythromycins as azithromycin zithromax and clarithromycin biaxin .


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